Donegal businesswoman launches Pontemed Clinic in Letterkenny.

//Donegal businesswoman launches Pontemed Clinic in Letterkenny.

Donegal businesswoman launches Pontemed Clinic in Letterkenny.

Amanda Torrens, from Raphoe in Co. Donegal, is no stranger to the healthcare sector and over the last seventeen years has built and developed a group of nursing homes earning an excellent reputation in care provision for their residents throughout Ireland. Amanda’s latest launch in conjunction with her business partner Dr. Remo Schneider from Switzerland has brought to her home county of Donegal salt therapy treatments and a breakthrough innovative technology in PelviPower.

The salt caves are designed to alleviate respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, hay fever, COPD and others and for your skin such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis and more. The Salt Caves has natural antibacterial, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties which will improve your overall wellbeing and fitness. All you have to do is, sit back, relax and breath. Let the Salt Caves Therapy do the rest and you can enjoy the experience. When you sit in one of our Salt Caves, a halo generator grinds up pharmaceutical grade salt into minute particles that become airborne when dispersed into the room. The dry salt aerosol particles are then inhaled deep into the lungs to help relieve inflammation, loosen congestion to allow easier and improved breathing. The salt particles help to open up the airways, increase oxygen intake and cleanse the airways of smoke, dust, pollutants and other allergens. When salt lands on the skin it can also help to relieve sore, flakey, red and irritated skin. It is important to understand that salt therapy is not an alternative therapy, but a complementary one. It can help relieve the symptoms of a condition and work in conjunction with existing medication, resulting in even greater relief.

Commenting on her new venture, Amanda says, “I am delighted to be in a position to bring salt therapy to Letterkenny. The public have embraced the concept which is great and have enjoyed the results in what it can do to enhance their quality of life from respiratory and dermatological issues. The amount of people through our doors to date has been outstanding and our team there have excelled in dealing with the influx of users. It is just amazing for us to see the results being achieved by our customers and it has already had a profound effect on some of their lives. People have come to us to help with their breathing and skin problems and have had great success, once these conditions have been resolved they are returning for further treatments due to the relaxing and calming effects they and their children are experiencing.”

Amanda added that, “We have created a sanctuary for people to come and unwind. Our world is so fast-paced and we just want people to come and turn off their phones and breathe and be with themselves, be present with themselves and just relax. It’s the high mineral content and the way it interacts naturally with our bodies that makes the treatment so beneficial. The Himalayan salt contains many of the minerals that the human body needs. Our clients breathe in the minerals and feel the benefits after just a few visits.

PelviPower is a revolutionary treatment for Urinary Incontinence (UI) which is now available in Donegal. PelviPower is an innovative and scientific technology introduced by PonteMed Ireland, it will permanently change the lives of thousands of people suffering from bladder weakness and back pain in the North-West Region. PelviPower has proven effective in treating pre-and postoperative patients undergoing Prostate surgery. It has been hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 50% of men over the age of 40 suffer from the condition. The success rate for treating back pain is well documented, an estimated 1.65m people in Ireland suffer with back pain, with 21% reporting living with pain for more than a decade. Conditions affecting the bladder are highly stigmatising. Individuals experiencing UI tend to feel embarrassed about their symptoms and can be reluctant to engage in social activities.

PonteMed begins its national expansion, having already installed a unit at Bons Secours Galway and The Galway Clinic. Limerick has been identified as the next location for the treatment and it is expected to be up and running by December at The Bons at Baringtons.

When Amanda was asked about PelviPower, she stated “Letterkenny is the first PelviPower centre to open in Ireland and we are looking forward to opening six more in the next year in Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny, Kildare and Dublin. This technology is the first of its kind to hit our island and I am proud to have brought it to my home county of Donegal first. This innovative medical device is a passive treatment which strengthens the pelvic floor and builds your inner core strength, something of which we all tend to forget about, yet it is vital to our inner wellbeing especially in today’s world.”

Amanda added that, “Having seen it in operation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where it has become a permanent part of treatment, I was convinced that thousands of sufferers in Ireland would benefit from this treatment.”

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Amanda Torrens, CEO PonteMed Ireland, Dr. Remo P. Schneider, CEO PonteMed AG Schweiz at Salt Caves Ireland & PelviPower at Pontemed Clinic, Letterkenny.


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