Acne, the scourge of the teen years, is a common skin ailment generally occuring on the face, back, chest, neck or shoulder resulting in pimples which can sometimes cause scarring.

Although there are many medications and creams that are sold to treat acne, a drug free approach would be the use of Salt Halo Therapy. At our Salt Caves the micro climate of salt is recreated utilising the purest form of rock salt with it’s 84 minerals. Salt is one of the oldest natural anti bacterials, killing bacteria and toxins whilst also drying out the underlying pimple.

How our Salt Caves can help your Acne

Acne receives the best results when the affected skin can be directly exposed to the micro climate of our Salt Caves. As the salt air has high anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and is also known to have anti inflammatory properties, it greatly assists in the reduction of acne and irritation.

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