Snoring is where you make a noticeable sound when you breathe during sleep. The sound is caused by soft tissue at the back of your mouth, nose or throat vibrating. The exact sound you make will depend on the type of soft tissue that is vibrating.

For example, if the soft tissue at the back of your nose vibrates when you snore, it is likely that you will produce a pinched nasal sound that is not particularly loud. Where as if the tissues at the top of your mouth (the soft palate) and the back of your throat (the uvula) vibrate, you will produce a louder, more guttural (“throaty”) sound.

People tend to snore the most when they are in the deepest stages of sleep, around 90 minutes after falling asleep.


Snoring is caused when the soft tissue in your head and neck vibrates as you breathe in and out. Tissue that can be affected includes:

  • Nasal passages.
  • Soft palate, a soft layer of tissue in the roof of your mouth.
  • Base of your tongue.
  • Tonsils, the two small glands that sit above the tongue at the junction of the mouth and pharynx (the pharynx is the upper section of the throat).
  • Uvula, a small cone-shaped section of tissue that hangs between your tonsils.

How our Salt Caves can help your Snoring

Our Salt Caves have been specifically constructed to help Snoring sufferers relieve their symptoms and feel better in a safe, peaceful environment that feels more like a spa than a high-tech treatment facility.

If you are suffering from Snoring, you should strongly consider Salt Halo Therapy. It will not only bring much needed relief but it also prevents the frequent recurrence of your Snoring symptoms.

Salt therapy at our Salt Caves provides relief by widening the airways of the respiratory tract. The micro particles of salt reach into every area of the sinuses and respiratory system destroying bacteria. This helps to reduce the inflammation of the respiratory tract and sinuses. It clears the blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles as well as the sinus cavities.

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